A properly restrained load can prevent an accident

by | Jan 30, 2019 | truck accidents

Before many trucking companies in Louisiana agree to hire a new driver, they do a background check to verify that their driving record supports their ability to safely and responsibly operate a big truck. Truckers are required to test before they receive their CDL license which allows them to legally drive a truck. They are also required to undergo extensive training and instruction before they are allowed to drive independently. 

One of the tasks that truckers receive training on is how to properly secure their load to be able to transport it safely. According to insurancehub.com, a poorly loaded truck can cause the vehicle to tip over or roll over if an imbalance is too great. As such, it is imperative that truckers learn how to secure their load and check for signs that it needs a readjustment in order to continue their journey without putting their life or the lives of other motorists at risk. 

Truckdrivingjobs.com says that loads are especially susceptible to tipping or shifting on curves, steep grades and turns. It is suggested that drivers regularly check on their load and guarantee that it has remained secure and stable throughout their drive. Part of a driver’s pre-trip inspection should be a complete check of a load’s proper securement. Many times, the most shifting will occur during the first 50 miles of a road trip. Because of this, truckers should perform another thorough inspection of their load after the first 50 miles of their trip and then again, every 150 miles after that.