Are SUVs dangerous to pedestrians?

by | Jan 20, 2021 | personal injury

An SUV’s cargo and passenger spaces may be desirable qualities for a vehicle owner. Such features contribute to mass and bulk, however, and the added weight presents some risks to pedestrians. Drivers in Louisiana may need to exercise additional care when operating an SUV since the vehicles could provide greater risks to pedestrians than cars.

SUV and danger risks

Both SUVs and cars, even compact cars, present risks to pedestrians. The human body could suffer enormous trauma and injury when hit by a vehicle weighing thousands of pounds. However, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, SUVs are more likely to inflict fatalities on pedestrians than cars. Research also shows that more customers are purchasing and driving SUVs, so the increased presence of SUVs on the road may lead to more risks to pedestrians.

Both SUV drivers and pedestrians will benefit from exercising care when traveling. Someone darting across the street without checking traffic or wandering in public while intoxicated may be at fault for an accident. That said, SUV drivers could still find themselves liable if they contribute to an accident.

Following the rules of the road

Studies show that SUVs cause more pedestrian fatalities than cars. SUV drivers should drive with care when in foot-trafficked areas and elsewhere.

An SUV that makes an illegal right turn on red creates risks for pedestrians crossing the street on a green light. Moving violations and driving while intoxicated represent two other potentially negligent actions. Distracted driving may further increase the risk of a fatal accident.

An SUV accident that causes a pedestrian’s death could lead to a wrongful death suit and, possibly, criminal charges. The punitive damages in such a case might be significant depending on the specifics of the case. In the aftermath of an accident, the injured party may find it helpful to speak with a personal injury attorney.