Asbestos continues to cause mesothelioma in exposed workers

by | Feb 13, 2020 | mesothelioma

Over the years, more information about various topics has allowed people to better understand the benefits and dangers of certain materials. For example, asbestos used to be a highly-used material, but the health hazards the material poses has become more of a concern. Unfortunately, too many people still face risks of mesothelioma from past or current exposure to asbestos fibers.

The biggest threat of asbestos comes when it is disturbed. Because it is a friable material, the fibers from asbestos can become airborne. If a Louisiana worker inhales those fibers, they can become stuck in various organs, including the lungs. Those fibers can later cause cancerous tumors to grow and lead to mesothelioma. The symptoms of this typically-fatal disease can appear decades after exposure.

Though there is no cure for mesothelioma, certain treatments do exist. Unfortunately, later stages of the disease are more difficult to treat and manage. Some people may not receive a diagnosis until the later stages because tumors can be difficult to find on X-rays and the symptoms of mesothelioma are not always present, which can make it more difficult to diagnose and treat the condition.

Mesothelioma can affect individuals’ lives in numerous, and often tragic, ways. Many workers may find themselves suffering from this serious illness decades after asbestos exposure, and they may wonder what they can do. In some cases, other parties may be liable for these negative outcomes, and Louisiana residents who have received this diagnosis may want to speak with attorneys experienced in pursuing compensation for individuals affected by this disease.