Asbestos exposure in classroom leads to mesothelioma for teacher

by | Dec 13, 2019 | mesothelioma

Many people may not think about the dangers of working in older buildings. Unfortunately, many older buildings in Louisiana could put employees at risk of asbestos exposure or exposed them to this dangerous fiber years ago. Now, many people who likely did not know they were working in hazardous conditions may be struggling with mesothelioma.

It was recently reported that this type of ordeal affected a woman in another state. She worked as a teacher in a 90-year-old school building and faced exposure to asbestos for years. Her classroom in particular had unrepaired asbestos pipe insulation, and often, she would clean up the dust and white flakes that fell on her desk or the floor without a second thought. Recently, she was diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma.

Multiple doctors indicated that her decades of exposure to asbestos in her classroom significantly contributed to her development of this serious disease. Because it can take decades for symptoms of mesothelioma to appear, it can be difficult for individuals to know that their health is at substantial risk. This woman began to notice something wrong when her stomach began to swell despite losing weight, and after multiple doctor visits, she received the harrowing diagnosis.

Because there is no cure for mesothelioma, it can be immensely difficult to receive such news. It can be even more devastating to learn that exposure to asbestos in the course of work-related duties likely contributed to the illness. If Louisiana residents have received such a diagnosis after asbestos exposure, they may want to reach out to experienced attorneys to determine whether they may have reason to take legal action to seek compensation from the party or parties believed responsible.