What motorists need to understand about semi-trucks

What motorists need to understand about semi-trucks

When most people think of semi-truck crashes, they think of truckers who are driving unsafely. While that’s one possible cause, there are others to consider. One of these is that another motorist did something that led to the crash.

Drivers often don’t think about how different semi-trucks are from regular passenger vehicles. For example, if a truck is moving at 65 miles per hour, it will take two full football field lengths for the trucker to stop. This means that cutting off a semi-truck and slamming on the brakes could have catastrophic results.

Proper safety around semi-trucks

One important factor drivers need to consider is that semi-trucks have substantial blind spots. These are all around the rig, including in front. As a general rule, you should pass semi-trucks as quickly as possible so that you aren’t in that blind spot for too long. If you can’t see the trucker, they probably can’t see you either.

You may see a trucker drifting around in a lane. This could be due to the wind. If you see this, give the trucker as much room as possible so that you aren’t at risk of them slamming into you. Of course, that’s not always possible, so you’ll have to count on the trucker to maintain control of their rig.

Anyone who’s injured in a crash with a semi-truck should ensure that they determine the actual cause of the crash. It’s possible that there’s more than one. When this occurs, you have to consider all parties who may be held accountable based on the applicable circumstances. Naming the appropriate defendants helps to ensure you’re able to seek the full compensation you deserve. Having legal guidance can help.