Can technology help older drivers stay safe?

by | Apr 9, 2021 | personal injury

Aging is inevitable and can affect your ability to drive. In-car technology may help you stay safer on the roads.

Not all in-car technology is helpful to driving well

Some technology distracts you from driving. What you need are unobtrusive systems that help you drive. Not ones that help you do other things while driving. Here are three pieces of technology that may benefit you as you age:

  • Rear cameras and sensors: If you are not as flexible as you once were, they can be a big help. They reduce the need to turn around to check when you are parking or reversing. If you are no longer as good as you once were at judging parking spaces, the sensors will guide you in.
  • Adaptive headlights: These move as the car goes around a corner. They help to illuminate the piece of road you need to see.
  • Automatic emergency braking: If your legs are not as strong as they once were, you may be less capable of braking hard in an emergency. This system can sense if more pressure is needed and apply it. The system senses what is ahead, and if you have not used the brakes, it will. As your reactions slow, it could buy you vital extra stopping time.

While these technologies can help you, they can only do so much. To be safe on the roads, you still need to meet specific criteria. If you have any doubts, consult your medic. Being able to drive at your pace may not be good enough. The roads are full of other drivers who might not be taking sufficient care. If another driver crashes into you, the older you are, the more severely the injuries could affect you.