Examining some reasons for aggressive driving

by | Feb 27, 2019 | personal injury

A driver’s behavior may be negatively influenced by their mental state, whether they experience a panic attack behind the wheel or decide to get in their car even though they are too drunk to drive safely. Moreover, some drivers are aggressive on the road, and this can increase the chances of a crash in many different ways. For example, an aggressive driver may have very little control over their emotions, which could cause them to become distracted from driving or even make abrupt moves on the road in an attempt to threaten someone driving another vehicle.

Drivers may become aggressive because they are upset with someone who is riding in their vehicle or talking to them on the phone. Or, another driver’s behavior may cause them to become very frustrated and aggressive. Other stressors, such as the recent loss of a job or a spouse’s affair, may also lead to aggressive behavior on the road. Moreover, some people are simply more aggressive than others in general.

Unfortunately, aggressive driving can result in hazardous driving, such as speeding, switching lanes erratically, driving too close to another vehicle or taking one’s hands off of the wheel or their eyes off of the road. This has resulted in many crashes over the years, some of which have proven fatal. Even when those involved in a motor vehicle collision are not killed, the injuries they may sustain can bring on many different challenges, such as an unbearable amount of physical pain and even financial hardships.