New Orleans Auto Accident Attorney – Get The Compensation You Deserve!

Car accidents are nearly unavoidable in the modern world. On average, drivers can expect to suffer some form of motor vehicle accident once every 10 years. Between distracted drivers in other cars and impatient drivers running red lights or not signaling, the road can be a dangerous place, even if you are a safe driver.

The experienced legal team at DSW Law Firm, in New Orleans is at your disposal if you are injured in a car, truck or train accident. We have spent years representing individuals who have suffered vehicle accidents of all types. Our experience and specialized strategies will assist you in receiving the benefits you are entitled to after a collision.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer After An Accident?

Accident victims often ask why they need an attorney when insurance is prepared to pay them a settlement. The reality is that insurance companies rarely have your best interests in mind after a major accident. Your insurance may be willing to write a check, but it is rarely enough to cover the full cost of vehicle repairs, long-term medical care or your pain and suffering.

Insurance companies often have teams of claims adjusters and lawyers in place to minimize the value of the benefits you will receive. By working with us, you will have a team of professionals on your side who knows the business and the various methods insurance companies use to limit the value of your claim. The lawyers of DSW Law Firm, provide aggressive representation should insurance companies push back.

Our legal team will work with you to learn all the facts of your accident and seek maximum benefits. Do not leave compensation on the table. Let us represent your motor vehicle accident and get you back on the road.

Negotiating Aggressively For Our Clients

The lawyers at DSW Law Firm, are ready to be the legal support you need after an accident. Call our main office at 504-586-1600 or reach out digitally with the specifics of your case.