NSC: car accident deaths see only slight decline in 2019

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Uncategorized

Driving around in Louisiana, you try to be careful not to become distracted or to let any drowsiness at the end of the day overwhelm you. It’s important to understand that you and every other driver contribute to the overall safety of this nation’s roads. The National Safety Council urges everyone to be safer on the road, especially in light of its findings on car crash deaths in 2019.

2019 sees two-percent decline in crash deaths

In a preliminary report, the NSC estimated that 2019 saw 38,800 deaths due to motor vehicle accidents: 2% fewer than in 2018 (39,404) and 4% fewer than in 2017 (40,231). It also noted that 4.4 million crash victims who survived had to go to the hospital for treatment. This, too, represented a 2% decline from the previous year.

States varied in their numbers with some seeing a significant increase in crash deaths, in particular, Maine (35%) and Wyoming (32%). However, seven states saw a decrease of more than 13% with the most improvement being seen in Vermont (31%) and New Hampshire (31%).

Possible factors in this trend

The advanced driver-assistance systems that are being found in more new vehicles are clearly showing their usefulness, but this is not the only thing contributing to the decrease. More cities have taken on Vision Zero models, for example, for traffic safety improvement.

If a negligent driver harmed you

Redesigned roads and vehicles with ADAS, though, are not enough when most motor vehicle crashes are simply the result of driver negligence. Perhaps a drowsy, drunk or distracted driver hurt you in a crash; you may have good grounds for a claim against that driver’s insurance company. A lawyer may determine how much you could be eligible for in damages, which could range from medical bills and lost wages to physical and emotional suffering.