Protect Your Rights With Our Top Product Liability Lawyers in New Orleans

Since 2016, DSW Law Firm, has held the highest single plaintiff jury verdict ever rendered in Louisiana, which was affirmed by the Louisiana Supreme Court and which was a products liability case. Under the law, products must safely fulfill their purpose. These consumer protections are at the core of what makes modern life fair when a product fails. If you have been injured due to a product not performing the way it was intended to, you may have grounds to pursue a products liability case.

The attorneys at DSW Law Firm, have represented many individuals who have been injured as a result of negligence in product design and manufacture. We will firmly pursue those at fault and win you a fair settlement for your injuries and fight for you in court so you may receive the fullest benefits possible.

Buttressed by the scientific background of Senior Partner Caleb Didriksen, the legal team at DSW Law Firm, have become experts in investigating and evaluating the defects in products liability cases.

Types Of Products Liabilities

There are three basic types of liabilities that a consumer may pursue if they are injured by a faulty product. If a product you have used failed in one of the following ways, call our New Orleans office for a free case evaluation:

  • Product was manufactured with defects: For example, a swing set that came out of the box with a cracked chain.
  • Product was defective due to design: For example, a model of SUV that is so top-heavy that it consistently rolls when making turns at over 35 miles per hour.
  • Product did not adequately provide warnings: For example, a cleaning product that burns unprotected skin, but the container gave no warnings.

Products liability claims vary widely. Our legal team will work with you and your specific circumstances to determine how to pursue your case.

Defending Your Consumer Protections in New Orleans

Consumer protections are meant to hold the products we use each day to a higher level of quality. Do not settle for a faulty product that caused injury to you or a loved one. Call a lawyer at our main office at 504-586-1600 or reach out to us by email.