Shoulder impingement injuries often prove painful

by | Oct 9, 2020 | personal injury

Some people who are involved in a car accident in Louisiana suffer shoulder impingement syndrome, which can be very painful and greatly reduces the ability to use the shoulder joint properly. The level of the injuries generally ranges from mild to very severe with treatments varying based on the extent of the injury.

How shoulder impingement injuries happen

When suffering injuries to the upper body, an accident victim could damage their shoulder joint. The soft tissue connecting the three bones of the shoulder as well as the tissue connecting muscles can suffer a mild to severe injury due to blunt force trauma of an accident. That is especially true of motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians who get hit by a car and use their arms and shoulders to help break their fall. The trauma often causes a tear in the rotator cuff that creates impingement syndrome, which causes the tendons to rub against the shoulder and cause a lot of pain.

Common treatments can enhance healing

The extent of the injury determines the level of treatment needed. Mild cases often benefit from physical therapy and possibly cortisone shots to help with any inflammation. In more severe cases, surgery might be the best way to correct the problem and enhance healing. However, surgery could result in a loss of mobility for an extended period of time as well as a lot of pain and suffering.

Ensure fair compensation

No matter the extent of the injury or medical treatments needed to correct it, pain and suffering are two elements for which you deserve to be compensated. Ongoing pain might make it impossible to continue in your chosen field of work or otherwise affect your quality of life. An experienced Louisiana personal injury attorney may help you hold the liable parties accountable and obtain the best possible treatment for your injuries.