The most preventable cause of car wrecks is distracted driving

by | Feb 8, 2022 | personal injury

Anyone who gets behind the wheel of a vehicle has a duty to ensure that they don’t place anyone around them in harm’s way. They can do this by following traffic laws, but it also requires avoiding distractions as they’re driving. 

There are seemingly endless distractions that drivers face while on the road. Some people don’t even realize that doing things without really thinking about them can be primary distractions as they drive. 

What’s considered a distraction for drivers?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that anything that makes the driver take their mind off driving, eyes off the road, or hands off the steering wheel is a distraction. Even if an action only involves one of those points, it’s still a distraction. For example, looking at the person in the passenger seat only takes the driver’s eyes off the road, but it’s still a distraction. Sending a text causes a driver to commit all three mistakes, so that’s a triple threat to other drivers.

How long does a distraction take?

It doesn’t matter how long the distraction takes, and it’s still a distraction. Think about this – in five seconds, the time it takes to read an average text, a vehicle that’s going 55 miles per hour will move 100 yards. That’s the length of a football field, which is plenty of distance to get into a crash. 

Anyone injured by a distracted driver should take swift action to hold that driver accountable for their negligence. Seeking compensation in Louisiana comes with strict time limits, so you can’t waste time. In your claim, you can include financial damages, such as lost wages and medical expenses. There isn’t any reason to let them get away with the harm they caused.