What happens next after you have a crash with a drunk driver?

by | Aug 12, 2019 | personal injury

In a city like New Orleans, it is no surprise that drunk driving enforcement is a high-priority. If you were involved in an accident, then a DUI conviction of the other party may be an important element in your case when it comes to getting the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

The other driver getting a DUI does not automatically mean that you would receive full payment for your injuries. Louisiana is a comparative fault state. Which means that, at trial, the court would determine the percentage of fault of each party involved. Therefore, the key to receiving maximum repayment in personal injury cases could be to show that other people bore most of the blame for what happened.

Your own personal injury case and the drunk driving case of the other person involved in your accident would be separate. The outcome of your case, including any settlements the other driver might be willing to make, would probably depend on the outcome of the DUI case. 

As mentioned in the News-Star, Louisiana is tough on drunk drivers. However, you may not feel like you are able to wait for the outcome of another court procedure. You may face a medical bill debt now with interest accruing rapidly. whatever your challenges are, chances are that there are options available for you. 

Every injury case is different. Many involve multiple court procedures. Please do not think of this as specific legal advice for your case. It is only meant to inform you.