Be wary of insurers after an accident

by | Nov 16, 2020 | personal injury

Louisiana is an at-fault state that holds the party that causes an injury to another liable for the costs of injuries and property damages. A car accident is the most obvious case in which you might suffer an injury in which the other party would be at fault and liable. You also might suffer a slip-and-fall injury or other accident due to negligence while on someone else’s property. That also is subject to liability and likely would trigger an insurance claim followed by the underwriting insurer contacting you about the matter.

Why insurer calls matter

When insurance adjusters call about motor vehicle accidents and other events where you might have suffered injuries, remember that you are not talking to an ally or even a sympathetic person. You are talking to a person who represents the insurer that is on the hook for paying damages up to policy limits for injuries and any related property damage. That person’s only goal is to get you to make statements that reduce your potential payout and possibly ruin your case altogether. Statements about how you feel or that contradict prior information given could be used against you.

Legal representation silences insurers

A New Orleans attorney who is experienced in motor vehicle accidents and other personal injury cases may be able to stop calls from insurance adjusters. Once you have representation in place, you can contact your insurer, tell them you have an attorney and provide the contact information. Nothing else should be said, and the insurer and its representatives must contact your attorney to speak about the case.

You may need to participate in a legal deposition during which your attorney is present and a representative of the opposing party will ask questions about the accident. That person will likely be an attorney. Your own attorney may help you prepare for each step of the process and work to secure the most favorable settlement possible.