Find Out the 3 Types of Product Defects That Exist With DSW Law Firm

by | Mar 18, 2021 | products liability

If someone were to ask you about why products injure and maim, you might point out customer misuse as the primary reason such instances occur. That’s not the only reason why countless individuals suffer severe injuries or die from using products each year, though.

Many of these injury events are attributable to design, warning or manufacturing flaws. You may have a valid reason to file a lawsuit against a product’s designer, manufacturer or distributor if their product injures you. Read on to learn more about each kind of basic product defect.

Design Defects

Manufacturers often discover problems with a product’s design when they attempt to produce it. There are other instances in which a designer only finds problems with a product once it maims or kills a customer after making it on the market. 

Injured parties and their legal representatives will generally investigate the root cause of an injury. That person may elect to file a lawsuit against the product’s designer if there’s some evidence that a design flaw led to their injuries or loved one’s untimely death.

Warning Defects

Marketers or advertisers are obligated to outline intended uses on a product’s packaging clearly. They also are responsible for listing any hazards that they may pose to minimize the chances of any preventable injuries occurring.

You may be able to sue a marketing company for its failure to include adequate warnings of the potential dangers a product posed.

Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturers often identify potential issues with a product’s fabrication while it’s still in production. There are instances in which they don’t catch them until a product’s release on the market, though. There are other instances in which a customer may suffer injuries before a manufacturer becomes aware of its defects. A recall often ensues to ensure that no one else gets hurt. 

You may be able to hold a manufacturer accountable for any injuries that you suffer if their lack of quality assurance results in a poorly manufactured product making it in consumers’ hands. 

Do You Have a Valid Product Liability Case?

The burden falls on you, as the consumer, to prove how a designer, manufacturer or marketer’s negligence resulted in you suffering injuries or your loved one’s death in your Louisiana civil case. An attorney can help you understand more.