Drowsiness and what truck drivers can do about it

by | Oct 5, 2020 | truck accidents

Truck drivers in Louisiana and across the country have to deal on a daily basis with fatigue, which can escalate to the point of becoming sheer physical and mental exhaustion. These drivers can do a lot to prevent fatigue; below are a few of the essential ways.

Plenty of sleep and water

If truckers don’t sleep the recommended six to eight hours a night, they will likely be drowsy all day. According to the National Sleep Foundation, drivers could avert drowsiness with short naps. Besides sleep, truckers need a sufficient amount of water. Dehydration is known to cause headaches, muscle cramps and fatigue.

Nothing can substitute for water; energy drinks, coffee and other caffeinated beverages may, in the long run, do more damage. The Food and Drug Administration says that caffeine increases adrenaline levels, and the resulting headaches and dizziness can interfere with driving.

A healthy diet gives energy

Truckers should be eating food rich in nutrients because their body will need energy. The National Institutes of Health recommends chicken and tuna sandwiches over hamburgers and English muffins over donuts.

Lastly, it’s important to know that your work environment can also impact physical health and, with it, alertness. The constant bouncing and jarring of the truck cab will naturally make one fatigued.

Legal representation for your case

Drowsy driving is a form of negligence, and any time negligence is behind truck collisions, it can open the way for a claim against the trucking company. If the responsible driver is an owner-operator, the victim may file against the insurance provider. However it looks for your case, you may want an attorney to evaluate it in light of this state’s negligence laws. You may leave all negotiations to the lawyer.