Seek Legal Help if You Injured in a Pedestrian Accident With DSW Law Firm

by | Aug 13, 2021 | personal injury

When you ask most people what they envision about New Orleans, they’ll likely mention the French Quarter’s famed streets. It’s not uncommon for tourists and locals alike to stroll along and check out the area’s many historic homes.

However, there is always an inherent risk of a motorist striking a pedestrian. There is even more risk involved if a driver isn’t familiar with the area, is distracted or intoxicated.

Incidents where pedestrians walk away unscathed after being struck by a vehicle are rare. Most people who get hit by cars suffer life-altering injuries — if they’re fortunate enough to survive.

One often overlooked detail in discussions of pedestrians who survived  accidents with vehicles is the long-term mental health implications of these incidents.

Injured Pedestrians and Their Anxiety Risk

Those who have been through traumatic events like being struck by a vehicle often worry that history could repeat itself and they could face further peril while walking around the Crescent City. The fear of unpredictability may leave them feeling anxious or nervous, making it challenging for them to focus on anything else or, in the most extreme cases, to even step outside their homes.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Injured Pedestrians

Many pedestrians struck by motorists have difficulty reconciling what happened to them. They may instead feel as if a recording of it constantly plays in their heads. This repetitious cycle may seem like re-injury and be accompanied by anxiety. While these reactions are normal, they can affect victims’ abilities to move past the negative events and focus on living their best lives.

Depression Can Follow Pedestrian Accidents

Many pedestrians who survive being struck by vehicles endure long rehabilitations to return to some semblance of their prior selves. A prolonged recovery can leave them vulnerable to developing depressive symptoms.

Injured Pedestrians Have Help Available to Them

Mental health struggles that follow traumatic experiences like being struck by a car can leave you with lingering uneasiness or emotional paralysis that doesn’t easily subside. Louisiana law may allow you to seek the compensation you need to recover fully.