Traumatic amputations can occur in semitruck crashes

by | Jul 5, 2021 | truck accidents

Many types of injuries can occur when a semitruck slams into a much smaller passenger vehicle. It’s possible that the driver or a passenger could be pinned within the vehicle or between objects because of the wreck. This type of accident can lead to traumatic amputation of a body part.

Not all traumatic amputations are the same. It’s possible for these to be complete or partial. The type of amputation can dictate the treatment protocol that the doctors follow. It also has an impact on the victim’s recovery.

What are partial and complete amputations?

A partial amputation means that there are still tissues that connect the severed body part to the rest of the body. Those tissues aren’t attached at all if the amputation is complete.

The condition of the stump and the severed body part determine whether reattachment is possible. It’s more common for complete amputations to be reattached than it is for partial amputations. In all cases, there’s a risk of infection when a body part is severed.

Proper care of the amputated body part and getting swift treatment can help to improve the chance of an optimal recovery. The road to recovery is often lengthy, as it includes many doctor visits and often physical therapy.

Anyone who suffers a traumatic amputation in a motor vehicle crash should ensure they get prompt medical attention. They may opt to pursue a claim for compensation that enables them to try to recover the damages they’re facing due to the injury. Louisiana law limits the amount of time you have to do this, so don’t wait too long.