Why are rates of mesothelioma rising in women?

by | Oct 13, 2021 | mesothelioma

Asbestos was thought to be a miracle product that found itself in various products and industries. Unfortunately, the cancer-causing properties of asbestos were unknown in the early days. 

There’s an extremely long delay in mesothelioma detection and diagnosis; thus, we continue to learn about this devastating disease every day. The latest insight about mesothelioma shows us that this condition is on the rise among women. 

Mesothelioma doesn’t discriminate based on gender

The National Cancer Institute has reported that 2021 has already seen 927,910 new mesothelioma cases in women. Here are some possible reasons for the rise of mesothelioma in women:

  • Delayed detection: Mesothelioma has an extremely long latency period that can be as high as 50 years. Initially, this contributed to mesothelioma going undetected in men, but now it is a factor in the sudden rise in women’s cases. 
  • No primary contact with asbestos: When women have had no known direct exposure to asbestos, it can be challenging to determine their risk. Secondary exposure happens when men carry home asbestos microfibers on their skin and clothing. Over time, this secondary exposure can cause mesothelioma to occur in women. 
  • Being misdiagnosed: These cases of mesothelioma were present all along but were commonly misdiagnosed. Once the facts started to become clear, more doctors are correctly diagnosing mesothelioma in women. 

Traditionally, people thought that mesothelioma primarily affected men due to its use in industries where most workers are men. However, the rise in mesothelioma cases in women has caused health care professionals to rethink their preconceived ideas about who is vulnerable to developing this cancer. 

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